Angle Measurement


Angle Measurement


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In the “measure” part, firstly click one triangle, secondly click “vertex center alignment”, the angle will be put on the center of the protractor. Thirdly click “o line and side overlap” and one side of the triangle will overlap with one side of the protractor. Fourthly click “transparent” and you will see the sheltered part of the protractor and try to calculate the number of the angle. Fifthly, click “reading” and you’ll get the exact number of this angle.


This game is divided into four parts and they are “classify”, “measure”, “draw” and “puzzle”. In the “classify” part, there are “half line” with a point on one side, “line segment” with two points on both ends and “straight line” without any point. Games of QD Learn are developed specifically for primary school students, both educative and entertaining. All the QD Learn games are designed according to educational theory. Each game is designed for each knowledge point. QD Learn aims to teach through lively activities and happy learning.