Decimal Division


Decimal Division


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知识点:Decimal Division


Fractional Multiplication is mainly for primary school grade five,corresponding knowledge point of Decimal Division.The game consists of four forms of decimal division, each of which uses an interesting way to interact with the game.Level 1 is the law of movement of the decimal point through the conversion relationship between units. Level 2 is further in-depth study of the dividend, divisor and the relationship between the quotient of the three.Level 3 studies the influence of the divisor on the dividend when the ratio is greater than 1 equal to less than 1. Level 4 is a direct practice mode.Four levels from the basic law of decimal division to the comprehensive practice, follow the discipline of knowledge, from the shallower to the deeper layers of depth, with the game, learning interactive, high interest, it must be a good helper to children learning decimal division.