Operation Law


Operation Law


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Operation law is an educational game from Beijing Campus Star Technology Co., Ltd.mainly for primary school grade four,corresponding knowledge point of Law of addition and multiplication. The biggest feature of the game is that the elements can be operated, strong interaction.Every step of the operation of the students in the game will have timely feedback, greatly mobilized the interest of students. Compared to the traditional teaching of mechanical practice, this is definitely a good game to let the children put it down. The game scene is set for the magic house, four magic bottle can be add, subtract, multiply and divide operations, the formula composition of digital ball. You have to do is according to the corresponding law of drag the number of small balls to the magic bottle calculation, step by step to get the final results. In fact, the game will tell you the correct calculation steps, because the wrong operation will not work, look, the game is to teach you how to learn it, what are you waiting to play with me to learn it.