Symmetry Translation


Symmetry Translation


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知识点:Axial Symmetry and Translation


The game is mainly for primary school grade four,corresponding knowledge point of Graphic Motion 2,Axial Symmetry and Translation.The game is divided into 4 pass. First, to find the corresponding axisymmetric graphics. This paper presents a set of graphs that are half of the axial symmetric figure, and the whole axis of symmetry is disturbed in the following order. The second pass, draw the other half of the axial symmetry. The scene is a grid graph, which gives the half of the axis of symmetry and the axis of symmetry.Third, translation. Move the puppy to the correct position according to the given direction and the number of squares. Fourth, translation to a given position. There are dogs and bones in the grid, so that the dog to eat bones, choose the right translation direction and the number of operators to complete the operation. Games of QD learn are developed specifically for primary school education ,both educative and entertaining.Game design is supported by educational theory.One game one knowledge point.Multi angle interpretation.Repeated practice of different forms of investigation.Play and learn focus.Master difficulty in interest.Proficiency test.QD learn aims at teaching through lively activities and happy learning.