Decimal Learning


Decimal Learning


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The meaning part is designed for pupils to understand the meaning of decimal. If there are ten squares with the same size and regard these ten squares as a whole, then one square is one in tenth (0.1) for the whole. In the first section of the nature part, please remove the zero behind the decimal point. In the second section, please keep two or three, ect decimal places as the above show.


This game is designed for fourth grade pupils to get full understanding of the decimal and its usage. The game is designed with colorful picture and lively music to stimulate the pupils’ interest to interact with the game. By this means, pupils will learn knowledge points while having fun. Games of QD Learn are developed specifically for primary school students, both educative and entertaining. All the QD Learn games are designed according to educational theory. Each game is designed for each knowledge point. QD Learn aims to teach through lively activities and happy learning.